Offset carbon emissions gift card

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Bitcoin - BTC
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CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is produced mainly by burning fossil fuels. It is the main cause of climate change. Carbon credits allow people and organizations to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions they can’t avoid, by funding projects that reduce emissions somewhere else. We buy certified carbon credits through Carbon Trade Exchange, a partner to the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism registry.

How to redeem

To redeem, please follow these steps: 1. Enter this link and get ready for some eco- action! 2. Use your code along with your email 3. Add your name, or maybe even the name of a loved one for the certificate 4. Get your certificate, and share it with your family and friends. Time to show the world your eco-powers 5. Oh, and don't forget, we'll also send the certificate straight to your email


Expires 6 months from issue date


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