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SpendCrypto Referral Program Terms

Joining the Referral Program

Welcome to the SpendCrypto Referral Program! By participating in our program, you have the opportunity to earn from referring new customers to our platform. Here's how you can get started and what you need to know.

How You Get Paid

  • Payout Method: All referral rewards are paid in USDT (TRC20) to a wallet address designated by you. It's crucial to ensure your wallet address is accurate to receive payments without any issues.

Earning Referral Rewards

  • Referral Reward: You will earn a 10% commission of the margin collected from each successful purchase made by your referrals.
  • Margin Explanation: Margins are calculated as the price difference between the wholesale price of items and the price at which they are sold on SpendCrypto. Please note that margins can fluctuate based on supplier changes, market conditions, and other factors that may influence the cost of goods.

Rules and Conduct

  • Promotion Guidelines: You are encouraged to promote your referral link or code across your networks. However, there are some ground rules:
    • No Spamming: Ensure that your promotional efforts are not considered spam. Respect platforms' rules and users' preferences.
    • Copyright Compliance: Do not use copyrighted material unless you have permission to do so.
    • Legal Compliance: Your promotional methods must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Consequences of Misconduct: If you are found to be using spam, copyrighted materials, or engaging in illegal activities to promote your referral link or code, your account will be subject to immediate termination. This includes banning from the referral program, discontinuation of participation, and forfeiture of any pending referral rewards.

Account and Payment Details

  • To participate, you must have an active SpendCrypto account in good standing.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the wallet address provided for payment is correct. SpendCrypto is not responsible for payments sent to incorrect addresses due to user error.

Changes to the Program

  • SpendCrypto reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program or discontinue it at any time without prior notice. Changes may include, but are not limited to, modifications in the payment structure, referral percentages, and rules of conduct.